Too much code.

I have to admit to some trouble. Always wanted to just gain all dev skills to build my things, but it looks like sometimes too much experience might be a blocker for your creativity and new ideas. Maybe because we finally understood the real value of time?ย 

On the other hand, you can finally see the market from a more cold-head perspective than all these wannabe founders. Let’s face it, most of those cool startup ideas for the next “barber app”, have no real long-term value and can’t be easily scaled.

What I’m trying to do now, is just overcome my weak sides and expand my soft skills like communication and marketing. It gave me a fresh look at some business models and made me think differently about “ideas” with a new perspective.ย 

trust karma, do good things and good things will come your way ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flutter is not as bad, if you still can code in Swift ;)

Oh dear, I can never forget those discussions about what is better, how should I make the app etc etc.

The answer is always the same: it depends.

but you don’t have to take that decision now.

The best in flutter is that you can easily make native UI’s without having to recode them to all platforms.

But as we know, iOS devs hate to code logic in the another layer. We love to feel close to hardware that’s why. You should try to use MVVM model where whole Model is stored Swift Layer.

In this solution Flutter could be used only what it did’s the best. Representing views, also it allows your team to have only one frontend for all platforms ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to communicate with your Platform Manager.

Can’t never forget the first meeting with Manager, I was so stressed and wanted show up myself from the best side.

The problem is that I’m allways trying too much, instead of presenting my self and my skills I was more focused on dumb asking questions, which showed me in bad view. Of course it’s always good to ask questions, but never show your weakness and lack of confidence behind them.

How to ask questions which doesn’t sound so dumb.

Instead of:

Do you have any crashlogs in the App?


What do you think about metrics in crashlog, do you think that those are satisfying for you?

See that questions shows your knowledge about the complex processes, with leaving a branch of new topics to consider together

The best is that if they don’t have crashlogs already, they would ask YOU why it’s worth to have them. The whole point in such meetings is to share some opinion.

Why you need to analyse your SDK.

Of course it’s obvious that your app needs some fancy Analytics via eq. Firebase, Amazon… But what about SDK’s?

This year I’m working a lot about Identify Proofing SDK for my client. Although we gain pretty nice success rate (94%) some clients still had complained about OnBoarding Process on mobile devices. Unfortunately it took us about 3 days to get not final conclusion like:

I would give a lot to get some metrics from our SDK to know what really is broken there.

Why we did not put Analitycs before into our SDK?

Why it’s so hard to gather metrics from already existing SDK on Mobile?

Better is done than over engineered. – Keep it simple, and start gathering data ASAP.

Ocean Reef Life [iOS] [Android]

Couldn’t be better! Effect of two years spent on mobile game developement had to be sucessful! Play it now!

Dive into the digital waters of Ocean Reef Life, where you can revive a desolate reef into a aquatic wonderland of creatures from colorful tropical fish to sharks and whales. Visit your reef in the palm of your hand anytime, and enjoy our VR and AR camera modes. Your creatures grow and breed and birth new creatures. Keep collecting hearts and and unlock, buy and discover more amazing animals.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania app store image

Unity Touchbar SDK

Unity3D developers love mac OS. iOS Developers love MacBook.

When our team got a new MacBook Pro with TouchBar โ€“ We knew that the possibilities of using TouchBar in Unity3D can be limitless. After waiting for almost 2 years for Unity Team steps we decided that itโ€™s over.

We know how to Add TouchBar to your Unity3D editor.

Today we know. That thanks to our native plugin you can have an easy access to all Unity3D functions via TouchBar.

Itโ€™s totally Costumizable!

We have prepared over 25 fully costumizable buttons which can be edited with our complex and user-friendly editor.



Asset Store:

MoreApps screen SDK

Only good marketing strategy allows us to achieve success in mobile apps industry. Honestly this part of development wasn’t really important for me, but after realising some apps I understood that all my products have to be connected into one big piece. Unfortunately adding some “advertisement” banners to all my products with every new app realising seemed as really painful work. That’s why I had to make some service which allows us set up MoreAppsScreen on all my apps for iOS without any building in just one click.