iTween PathEditor node count, impossible?

Really like iTween PathEditor, it’s easy to use and works like a charm!
But I saw some issues with nodes count, do no know why it was limited to 10, but it was;/

I made quick research how to fix that, but unfortunately didn’t find anything worth, so I had to think over whole code and.. obviously i found solution 😉

How to change nodes Count?

1)Open Node Count Slider script.

2)Just edit code in line 73

_target.nodeCount = Mathf.Clamp(EditorGUILayout.IntSlider(_target.nodeCount, 0,10), 2,100);


_target.nodeCount = Mathf.Clamp(EditorGUILayout.IntSlider(_target.nodeCount, 0, //e.g 1000//), 2,100);
…and that’s it!