[Unity3d] Chains

I’m glad to say that my next project is finished. This time it’s small arcade game for iOS.


Test Beta Here


Amazing Physic

Projecting nice physic for game is really hard topic, just good projection of real physic wasn’t enough… To achieve nice gameplay I had to find golden mean between unity based physic and my code.

Easy Controlling

Control system is the most important part of the project, the way how we control our character had to be as easy as possible that’s why I made special code which see difference between tapping and holding the screen.

Minimalistic UI

Ohh yeah, those plain colors and thin fonts…. Just love them so shut up 😉


Hope that you like me new game, it should be released in the AppStore in couple of days(Apple accepting). Please leave your opinions and remeber that’s only beta( full verion has implemented Game Over Screen and Facebook Connection )