How to communicate with your Platform Manager.

Can’t never forget the first meeting with Manager, I was so stressed and wanted show up myself from the best side.

The problem is that I’m allways trying too much, instead of presenting my self and my skills I was more focused on dumb asking questions, which showed me in bad view. Of course it’s always good to ask questions, but never show your weakness and lack of confidence behind them.

How to ask questions which doesn’t sound so dumb.

Instead of:

Do you have any crashlogs in the App?


What do you think about metrics in crashlog, do you think that those are satisfying for you?

See that questions shows your knowledge about the complex processes, with leaving a branch of new topics to consider together

The best is that if they don’t have crashlogs already, they would ask YOU why it’s worth to have them. The whole point in such meetings is to share some opinion.