iOS Dev

MoreApps screen SDK

Only good marketing strategy allows us to achieve success in mobile apps industry. Honestly this part of development wasn’t really important for me, but after realising some apps I understood that all my products have to be connected into one big piece. Unfortunately adding some “advertisement” banners to all my products with every new app realising seemed as really painful work. That’s why I had to make some service which allows us set up MoreAppsScreen on all my apps for iOS without any building in just one click.


[Prime31] Facebook highscores Leaderboard

Hello, Today some guy emailed me with some questions about Prime31 SocialNetworking plugin. He had some issues with getting friends list with high scores from Facebook servers. Honestly I haven’t realised before that it can be such a tiresome problem. Finally after 4 tiring hours of trials and errors I did it! I prepared special primes31 class which easily allows u send highscore and get back whole list of friends’s scores(with profile pictures)


I hope so that it’ll solve your problems and save your time 😉

Cooperation with PsychoBearStudios

Good news everyone,

Two months ago I started cooperation with PsychoBearStudios, today i would like to boast about new project.

I was working as gameplay programmer, AI scripts is what took me the most of the time. I gained great experience with PathFinding(Navi Mesh).  This job allowed me to learn about working in the team, i had to use version control systems like GitHub.